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Richard Sanchez

Native californian, grew up in "Stockton" california. 

heavily influenced by his fathers "DIY" style of doing things. 

1971-1980 lowrider show every friday & saturday night on Hazelton street, comic books, and KISS the band trading cards surrounded his life & thoughts the first nine years of life. 

*1980 introduced to bmx, skateboarding, and punk rock. 

*1983 -1992 made flyers for skateboard events, punk/speed metal shows.

*1989/90 moved to hollywood to be up in the gutter of it.

*1993 "born agin" moved to san francisco, and relearned how to draw.

*1995 back to Los Angeles for tattoo apprenticeship , decided wasn't his calling.

*1996 flyer design for Winterland Bill Grahm production, "Metallica" new years eve.

*1997-2000 concert art freelance for Goldenvoice and Nederlander production co. 

*2000 help create Sacrifice skateboards.

*2002 started handmade "DOOM" skateboards.

*2004- created "MUTTZ" leather skateboard gear/riot gear. 

*2005 first year "TWO"  solo art shows @ Han Cholo gallery in Echo Park, ca.

*2006 featured in "punk is dead, punk is evertything" book by Bryan Ray turcotte.

*2008 freelance T-shirt art for FSAS, The Wild Ones, Vans apparel.

*2010 "WE'RE BOARD" DUO Art show w/Sleezstak.

*2011 record art for Travis Barker "Give the drummer some", lead artist Sacrifice sk8.

*2012  30th anniversary Metal Blade  records/Armored Saint T-shirt art.

*2014 Teen Angels magazine art show featured artist.

*2015 "Gente Frickacion" solo art show @ Mi Vda Highland Park Ca. 

*2017- freelane digital art/graphic design and Bic pen commissioned art...


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